Digitally painted original on brushed aluminum panel.


Limited edition 1 of 1.

I'll admit it - I'm a Flower Power kinda gal. Always have been, always will be. This painting began as a doodle that took on a life of its own. I love how the different layers seem to shimmer and change depending on the light and version.

There are several pieces in this series. See the listing for "Pip Pop" for another ready to hang option.

Every piece in this series is an Original Digital Painting painted using my fingertip on a touch screen. Each particular piece is a Limited Edition Print on aluminum panel so the colours glow, morph and create a psychedelic effect. You have to really see them in person, under different lighting conditions to appreciate their vitality. I will create only 1 pieces of each version in this size and format. Each piece will be signed and numbered.

Every piece is super easy to hang using a single nail; D-hooks/wire can also be used. The unique material can be cleaned, front and back (if it looks dusty), using a dry or damp cloth. Contact me for further info.

Pop Fly

Helaine Becker


Digital art

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