Acrylic and plaster on stretched canvas (pine wood frame).


Title: Sunset Through the Trees

Canvas: Gallery stretched Cotton Canvas, varnished twice, signed and dated on the front.

Size and Weight: 44 inches width x 34 inches height x 2 inches depth. 4.9 Kg

Dominant Colors: Orange, Blue

Medium: Acrylic, floetrol, gloss varnish, Medium walnut Danish oil stained pine frame, pine wood

Ready to Hang: Horizontal

My piece Sunset Through the Trees is a stunning textured landscape sunset poured with acrylic paints. The sky was done in two layers. The blue layer were done and then I added textured plaster to the mid horizon between the background's layers. I then painted the foreground and trees with a fine brush. I used a medium smooth walnut stain that is a very rich brown in color and after it dried I sanded the frame to create a lightly dusted/older looking appeal. These bright colors and pine trees add life to any space.

Sunset Through the Trees

Leah Brekelmans



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