Acrylic on canvas.


At the heart of this piece lies the exploration of tan skin as a symbol of beauty and strength. In many Asian cultures, fair or light skin has often been traditionally associated with beauty standards. However, "Tan Skin" seeks to challenge and redefine these notions by portraying a young girl with tan skin as a radiant and confident figure. Through this portrayal, the painting aims to empower individuals of Asian descent with different skin tones, emphasizing the inherent beauty and diversity that exists within Asian communities.

The painting serves as a celebration of Asian culture, highlighting the rich tapestry of traditions, customs, and heritage. The girl's features, dress, and surrounding elements incorporate elements of Asian culture, paying homage to the vibrant traditions and history that have shaped her identity. By embracing and showcasing these cultural elements, the artwork seeks to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the beauty and depth of Asian cultures.

Tan Skin

Rebecca Zhao



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