Oil on Canvas


I have always been fascinated by bears. I love painting them because they are subject that is perfect for my expressive style and bold colors. Here I wanted my bear to have an immediate connection with the viewer. I painted to draw the viewer into the golden hour, to feel as if they were standing on the fringe of the clearing in the dazzling light, so close to the bear, they can here the grasses rustling under his paws.

This painting, The Golden Hour, is an expression of my deep appreciation for nature. As well I am constantly captivated by nature bathed in the golden hour lighting. The golden hour is generally the hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. To me this light is magical and holds so much beauty. In this painting I combined the two elements to create my magical bear painting, The Golden Hour.

The Golden Hour is a lusciously textural oil on canvas painting.

The sides have been carefully painted in a wrap around effect as I feel this finishes the work and makes it ready for immediate display. There is no need to frame unless it is your personal preference. This work will also come wired for your convenience. The painting is signed on the front and is numbered on the back.

The work will be safely shipped and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Thank you for visiting my gallery.

The Golden Hour

Elizabeth Cox



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