Oil on canvas.


Time Travelers is another brand new abstract expressionist painting inspired by the unknown. It is inspired by the mysteries of possible dimension that we cannot see but, perhaps we can feel, or even visit in our dreams.

Time Travelers is a medium textured oil on gallery canvas painting. I have deliberately painted the sides black. I feel that this demonstrates that the sides are not part of the painting. As well, I think having the sides black creates a beautiful contrast and enhances the work.

Time Travelers is sensuous and mysterious and will definitely fit any space. It has hints of silver flecks that glimmer through as the light moves across the surface.

This work will also come wired for your convenience. The painting is signed on the front and is signed and numbered on the back.

The work will be safely shipped and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Thank you for visiting my gallery.

Cheers, Elizabeth

Time Travelers

Elizabeth Cox



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