Paper collage, gouache and oil pastels on poster board (matted and framed).


The original artwork size is 15.50 x 12 inches.

his painting is inspired by Zoroastrian mythology. Tishtrya is a Zoroastrian Rain God who struggles against the drought-bringing demon Apaosha. He is in the form of a pure white horse with Apaosha in the form of a black horse. Apaosha soon gains the upper hand over Tishtrya, who was weakened from the lack of sufficient prayers and sacrifices from humankind. The Creator Ahura Mazda, offers a sacrifice to Tishtrya which enables him to overcome Apaosha, and his rains were able to flow to the parched fields and pastures unabated by drought.

Tishtrya; the God of Rain

Banafsheh Erfanian


Collage and painting

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