Acrylic on canvas.


“FREE YOUR MIND”—Inspired by the colour light blue & it’s use for communication, I used my blue lace agate crystals in asking for help with depicting what freeing my mind and connection to higher self represents for me; removing the pressures placed on me by societal expectations and figuring out what mental/emotional health and happiness mean for me on an individual level.

This piece gave me the opportunity to explore my relationship with my throat chakra, how I chose to speak and live in my truth. Is this what makes me happy, or what I THINK makes me happy but is truly being done for others. Speaking your truth doesn’t mean arguments, it can be as simple as silent confidence.. beating to your own drum

Reiki infused and made with the intention to bring a sense of calmness, clear throat blockages, encourage healthy communication, and verbal expression of thoughts and feels creating a sense wholeness in any room she hangs!

22x28 Acrylic on Canvas

"Free Your Mind"

Sammy Sosa



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