Ashley Peterkin-Blackwood

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Ashley known as hiashleymonique is an independent visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. She enjoys creating eye catching work with her unique use of colour and line. Ashley began drawing as a way of giving creative gifts and also as a way to express her love of cartoons and anime. Ashley is heavily inspired by surrealism, graphic art, fashion, beauty and nature. Ashley believes the foundation of being an artist is experimentation as we should constantly be evolving and trying new things. This encourages Ashley to explore different styles in her work. Emotion, expression, mental health battles and nature are prominent themes in her work. Ashley aims to connect with her audience through the relatability, emotion and expressiveness of her work.


As a black woman, highlighting the beauty of women, especially women of colour is an important mission for Ashley as well as encouraging discussion surrounding mental health and wellness. Ashley works in both digital and traditional media like acrylics and oils, however Ashley feels there is no limit to what art is and can be. She experiments and explores her creativity through the use of any mediums that spark her interest. Ashley has a unique way of using shapes and lines in her work and that is exhibited throughout her portfolio.