Blake Lenoir

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Blake Darrell Lenoir or B. LEN, BFA born July 6th, 1991, in Chicago. Lenoir is currently practising out of Chicago as a fine artist, and muralist. Lenoir creates and finds new space as an artist working in what can be described as a contemporary surrealism. As an interdisciplinary visual artist working predominantly via non profit work and commission work and brand partnerships, surrealism finds a dove in. As a muralist as well, Lenoir’s work navigates and finds inspiration in burgeoning new potentials and/or new solutions to antiquated reoccurrences attempting to rewire society through constructive cynicism. His imagery often demonstrates this exact quality or list of qualities that cause and influx of reosm

Lenoir’s original work comes heavily based in distortional entendres that he identifies act as an inception of ideas and/or conversations necessary to bring about relief of the given conflict or conversation. Lenoir’s work is intended to both be therapeutically comical, yet cynical to the human experiences of interaction, where he aims to evoke conversational healing by challenging his audience to decipher a better outcome. Lenoir does this by primarily navigating and focusing on creating work with intention to spark a conversational dispelling of generational and societal curses, over a sea of themes in the black living experience over years of societal offsets. Lenoir uses conversations, shared interactions and words themselves and finds ways to orchestrate & guide the imagery he creates and chooses to give light to.

Lenoir graduated and received his Bachelor’s of the Fine Arts from the Western Illinois University where he minored in Sociology studying and specializing in intersections of Minorities in the Media and Generational Reoccurrence.