Catharina Goldnau

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Catharina Goldnau explores transitions, juxtaposing traditions and materials in sculptural work that borders functionality. Following a life-long passion, she left a teaching career to study Ceramics at Sheridan College under Linda Sormin and Laura Kukkee. Catharina was awarded the Gardiner Museum Award for her work at the Graduating Show in 2018 and was subsequently featured in a solo exhibition at the Gardiner Museum.


Growing up in the serene countryside and now working in an urban setting, I find myself oscillating between and drawn towards both these two contrasting worlds. My art serves as a synthesis of these experiences, blending elements of nature with the structures of culture, prompting viewers to reflect on the interplay between the organic and the artificial. In my choice of material and surface, I aim to capture these notions, exploring the rugged textures of natural materials and at times juxtaposing them with colourful accents that evoke the traditions of cultural presence.

In my recent sculptural work, I delve into the intricate tapestry of femininity, celebrating the female body as a manifestation of strength, resilience, and beauty. With two daughters of my own, I am deeply motivated to explore the psychological and physical dimensions of womanhood, questioning societal norms and advocating for self-acceptance and empowerment. Through my art, I aim to spark conversations about complexity of the human experience.