Cathy Lorraway

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Cathy’s paintings are shaped by her love of plein air painting, travel and the outdoors. A lifelong learner, Cathy is an Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists, Signature member of Pastel Artists Canada, graduate of the Ontario College of Art Drawing and Painting program (A.O.C.A and BFA), and holds a Bed. in Education and B.A. in English. After a career teaching art and photography to high school students, she continues to enjoy connecting with the local art community: hanging art shows, teaching workshops and painting alongside “kindred spirits”. She is currently chairing the Burlington Fine Art Association's juried show committee, The Artist's Mark and past president of Arts Burlington.


My paintings reveal the spiritual connection that landscape, and particularly nature, creates in me. I recreate my sensory memories: whether it is the glimpse of Deer Lake’s moonlight reflections, seen from the window of an airport bus, or longer views from the side of a hiking trail of seagulls flying against the brilliant blue a Newfoundland sky. My process involves experimentation and exploration, e.g. using metallic paint in the underpainting combined with metallic silver pastels, to replicate shimmering moonlight or creating colour studies to make the blue sky resonate. The image is gradually and alternatively built up and explored by applying glazes and layers of pastel colour. This process is an exciting journey: merging intuition, analysis and imagination while I portray my spiritual connection to the beauty the Canadian landscape