Chloe Nava

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Chloe Nava (she/her) is a Canadian-Singaporean visual artist, specializing in acrylic painting and mixed-media illustration. Having created paintings since the age of 10, her time training with Jenny Li taught her to utilize her heritage and childhood memories as a base for her artistic voice. Chloe's style can be described best as Illustrative Realism, with almost storybook-like designs that aim to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The design of the pieces alternate between fantastical and traditional but the common element is the presence of storytelling in each piece. Her dual-cultural heritage has influenced her colourful perspective of the human experience; her main inspiration comes from different still-life aesthetics.

She has created work with Crystal Head Vodka, Trillium Health Partners and The Bentway Toronto. Most recently, she has created two collections in collaboration with the BIA Streetsville to help highlight the beauty and historical richness of "The Village in the City".