Chloe Nava

Chloe Nava is an emerging artist who trained for over ten years with the Jenny Li Art School. Art has been a constant fixture in her life since childhood, she has competed and placed in numerous competitions while growing up in Mississauga and the GTA which has shaped work ethic as an artist. Her family comes from Singapore, which meant that food held a very special place in her family life and is intrinsic to her culture as both a Canadian and (former) Singaporean.

She specializes in acrylic painting and her style borders on hyper-realistic and borderline surreal interpretations of food. She draws inspiration from different still life styles and then curates images, sometimes through her own food photography, to reveal a story through their presentation. 


My artwork is meant to take inspiration from food styling. Good food brings people together, and it is my belief in this ideal that pushes me to create detailed pieces. I want to infuse different elements of culture into food presentation to bring people back to happy experiences and happier meals. My goal is to eat and re-create even more dishes and delicacies through my own artistic lens and have each piece serve as a fantastical feast for the eyes.