Chris Albert

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Chris Albert is a fine art photographer known for his ethereal multi-layered cityscape images. By overlapping images captured at the same location but from slightly varied viewpoints he assembles engaging scenes populated with liveliness and movement. His unique technique was developed through years of experimentation and a desire to interpret his surroundings using his own distinct visual language. Motivated by the wish to elevate what can often be seen as mundane or familiar he is most often drawn to busy street scenes and iconic landmarks as his subject matters.

Chris Albert is a Toronto-based, award-winning photographer. His series “Abstract Realism” features (primarily) Toronto-centric landmarks or street-intersections presented as kinetic, visually layered statements.

"In my abstract realism series, I look for forms, movement and elements, I explore the use of ideas or concepts through realism, and seek to reveal the relationship between photographic depiction and visual perception. Sometimes juxtaposing and sometimes layering to convey an imagery that can be a powerful channel to visually express an abstract contemplation."