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Christi Anne Abraham is a self-taught Caribbean Canadian artist who uses watercolour and acrylic to create illustrations and fine art inspired by nature. She is also a muralist for Mississauga Arts Council, a children’s book illustrator, art instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga and The Art Gallery of Mississauga, and a member of SONSI.


Growing up near a rain-forest, and as a tour guide in Trinidad and Tobago, I quickly became obsessed with all the fishes, birds, and beetles in my backyard. My passion for nature has led me to explore the beauty of our planet through an artistic lens. I use watercolour and acrylic paint, to capture each tiny detail, showcasing the unique characteristics of each creature, from the vibrant colours and patterns of a Mantis Shrimp to the delicate feathers of a Barn Owl and soft fur of the Amur Leopard. As an artist, I want to shine a light on a diverse and complex world we often overlook or can't even see. I hope my paintings can inspire others to take action to protect and preserve nature for future generations.


Watercolour and acrylic on cold press paper (framed).


5x7" without frame

This watercolour painting of a Peacock Spider is one the many pieces I created during the VAM Creative Residency. The Thinking Out Loud exhibiton featured the work of Visual Arts Mississauga's 2022-2023
Creative Residents. Each artist reveals personal experiences that shine a light on the complexities of our world that are overlooked and unseen. Through artistic lenses rooted in scientific research, sustainable practices and personal narratives, they show us ways we can grow as individuals and together as a community by thinking out

Christi Abraham


Watercolour, acrylic, pyrography, and gold leaf on cold press paper (framed).


16x20" without frame

Golden hour is a medical term for the first hour after a serious injury, during which treatment is life saving.
This is the title of my painting showcasing one of the most rare and critically endangered animals on our
Created with watercolour, acrylic paint, and pyrography, the Amur Leopard is hidden behind burnt and torn
pages repaired with gold leaf. Symbolizing the great value and importance this animal has for our natural world, and how rapidly they are disappearing because of their monetary worth.
I hope that this will inspire people to speak up for our planet, and save these critically endangered animals
before the "golden hour" is over, and it will be too late.

Christi Abraham


Acrylic on canvas.


'Afterglow' is inspired by my grief and the resilience of succulents. Succulents can create an entirely new plant from one broken piece, and they will continue to grow again. I painted this to remember that even in the darkest times, we can grow from the pain and create an afterglow. In 2022-2024 this painting was on display at Art a la Carte- Celebrating Ontario Artists Exhibition, in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario Building. You can now view 'Afterglow' at Visual Arts Mississauga, for the "Why Do You Create?" 2024 exhibition.

Christi Abraham