Christian Ocampo

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Toronto based Hard Edge Abstraction Artist using tape, acrylic and modelling paste on canvas.


My work is a journey through hard-edge abstraction, exploring the balance between
order and expression. Using mediums such as acrylic paint, chalk paint, and modelling paste, I
create dynamic, structured compositions on canvases ranging from medium to large scale.
Driven by a fascination with geometric forms and the interplay of colour and texture, I aim to
bring clarity and depth to visual experiences.
In my creative process, I use various tools including brushes, artist blades, blue painters
tape, and a blow dryer. My technique involves sketching outlines, underpainting layers, taping
out shapes, and meticulously applying matte medium to prevent bleeding. Often, I mix paints
with modelling paste to add depth and texture, before blow-drying and peeling off the tape to
reveal crisp, clean edges. Influenced by architectural forms,
basic human figures, and the exploration of Filipino culture,
my work reflects a synthesis of structured planning and
spontaneous creation. One piece that encapsulates these
influences is "BOOKTROPOLIS," where rigid lines and
layered textures evoke both the precision of architectural
designs and the vibrant essence of urban landscapes.
As a Toronto-based artist, I am inspired by the city's
rich cultural tapestry and architectural diversity. Currently, I
am working on a new series that explores the contrasts
between natural and constructed environments, which I aim
to feature in future exhibitions. Additionally, I am preparing
for a solo show by the end of this year or the start of the
next, where I will debut a collection focused on the
interaction of light and shadow within abstract forms.
Through these projects, I aim to further explore the balance
of structure and spontaneity, inviting viewers to engage with
the layered complexity of my work.
In conclusion, my art is a continuous dialogue between
meticulous craftsmanship and creative exploration. As I
look towards future projects and exhibitions, I remain
committed to pushing the boundaries of hard-edge
abstraction and sharing my vision with a wider audience.
By offering pieces for sale and accepting commissions, I
hope to bring my structured yet expressive approach to a
diverse range of settings and collectors.


Acrylic, modelling paste, matte medium, chalk paint, isolation coat on canvas.


This revitalized painting breathes new life into an old canvas, featuring sharp geometric shapes in Mars Black, self-mixed deep navy blue, and rich burgundy against a vibrant yellow background. The composition evokes a sense of architectural structure, enhanced by techniques like underpainting and scraping modeling paste beneath a mustard yellow layer. This creates a dynamic wash of sunlight that illuminates the entire piece.

A thick border of titanium white surrounds the yellow, mimicking the elegance of a matted frame and adding a touch of sophistication. Perfect for modern spaces, this artwork brings a splash of yellow and complementary tones and textures to any room. Please note: Frame is not included.

Christian Ocampo


Acrylic, matte medium, isolation coat on canvas.


This captivating painting delves into the complex theme of identity, featuring a head composed of two contrasting halves. One half showcases a masculine form rendered in lighter tones against a dark backdrop, while the other half depicts a feminine form painted in darker greys against a light background. This striking piece is a profound expression of the artist’s introspective journey, questioning the balance between masculine and feminine aspects and the interplay of light and darkness within the self.

With its rigid, minimalist style, the painting boasts crisp edges and defined shapes, creating a compelling human head structure. The artist masterfully uses opposites to highlight the inner contrasts that define us. This artwork is perfect for any decor style and any era, offering a timeless conversation starter.

Note: Frame not included.

Christian Ocampo