Christine Walker

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Christine Walker is a painter and an arts educator who currently lives in Toronto. She is very passionate about quality arts education. Christine has her Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) from OCADU, her Bachelor of Education degree (BEd), and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) from NSCADU. She is experienced in Oil, Acrylic, Encaustic and Watercolour painting, and enjoys creating in all forms. Her current paintings combine Watercolour and Acrylic painting, with a focus on capturing the personality and beauty of Canadian songbirds.


My current paintings combine watercolour and Acrylic painting, sometimes with the addition of mixed media. My artwork focuses on the balance between the natural and urban environments, and most of them feature birds seen in Toronto. I use colours in a vibrant and exciting way, often alluding to the ability of birds to see ultraviolet light, which humans cannot access. Birds don’t have the same binocular vision that humans do, so some of my work has areas of exaggerated perspective and three-dimensionality contrasted with areas that appear more two dimensional.