Cindy J. Miller

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Toronto born multi disciplinary artist Cindy J. Miller has earned an advanced fine arts diploma, studied architecture at Ryerson University (TMU), studied with RCA artists John Leonard and Harold Klunder and was mentored by US sculptor Patrick Cochran in lost wax bronze and metal sculpture.
Cindy is an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists who maintains a working studio in both Canada and the USA. She exhibits and is collected both privately and corporately in both countries.


My work often stems from circulating perceptions, both mine and those of people I see or interact with. They may be visual, auditory or tactile, acting as conduits for the imagination.
The resulting constructs weave the realms of abstraction and reality with a sense of the surreal. My current work in oils originates here while making use of the colour intensities and contrasting elements which I am so drawn to.