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Claudia Arianna is a self-taught artist creating illustrations of architectural and historical buildings, lighthouses, brickwork homes, and storefronts in watercolour and gouache. With the intention to capture different forms, angles and corners that could pass unnoticed, Claudia Arianna wants to express a different point of view by using symmetric compositions. The way she sees the world is then represented in photography and art illustrations. These themes started back in 1988, when she lived and travelled to the U.S., and then to Europe, registering her experiences with a 35mm Pentax camera in black & white film. In 2008, she started seeking lighthouses, taking many trips across Canada in their search for their hidden places. Her passion for lighthouses and brickwork buildings evolved into hand-dawned illustrations done in Plein Air or from her own pictures. Claudia Arianna is a business management consultant and is pleased to take on commission work to produce custom-made illustrations for large or small businesses, or for your personal enjoyment.


My intention is to capture a different point of view in everything I see, and leave a timeless impression of a place for you to appreciate, imagine a moment in your life, or transport yourself into stories from the illustrations I produce. I also appreciate our local communities, neighbours and small businesses, and everything they do to make us belong in the place we choose to live.
I am looking forward to building up a career as a book illustrator, surface designer, and collaborating with local artists in Canada.


Watercolour on paper.


Bow Road, London, UK. E3 2AN @2020
Located on a historical railway thoroughfare in Bow, London, England. The road forms part of the A11, running from Aldgate to Norwich in Norfolk.

Claudia Arianna