Colin Hill

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Colin Hill (American, b. 1978 London, U.K.) lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a master’s degree From NSCADU in fine and media arts. He works primarily in the fields of painting and sculpture where the found and discarded object is a through line that connects his sculptural work to his painting practice.


My multidisciplinary approach is a deliberate choice to dissolve the barriers that often confine creativity. It is a declaration that art cannot be tethered to a single identity—it is a fluid and evolving force that defies categorization. By blending painting and sculpture using found objects, I strive to demonstrate that art is universal, capable of connecting us not only to each other but also to the world around us in profound and unexpected ways.

In my work, I weave together the threads of mixed media painting and sculptural assemblage, crafting a narrative that speaks to the omnipresence and transcendence of art. My canvases blend the elegant and the crude, textures and hues that evoke art as both growth and decay, creation and destruction, life and death. I also explore this sense of time and history in my sculptures, forged from discarded and overlooked objects that, repurposed and rebalanced, stand as monuments to transformation—each piece a delicately poised conversation between the past and the present, the artist and the observer.

Art can teach, and much great art has a didactic purpose. But art can also be a profound mirror, an opportunity simply to understand ourselves and our surroundings more deeply, to see ourselves more clearly. I want to help the viewers gain greater self-knowledge. Whether it's through concatenation of found objects or striking collisions of color, my art becomes a mirror. Humans project their personal histories into art, reflecting their own diverse experiences and memories. The materials I use, once ordinary and mundane, are reborn to invite a dialogue that transcends the visual, becoming deeply personal and emotive.