Dan Ross

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Toronto born Artist.
I'm 42 and have been painting seriously for the last 10 years. I live downtown . I have had my paintings in movie theater's, cafes, I have done murals in a few schools in the east end.


My Name is Dan Ross. Like my father, and his father before him, I am
an artist. I first picked up drawing and eventually moved onto painting. I
still draw but over the last 5-6 years I’ve put most of my focus into
painting, primarily in acrylic. My paintings are usually done on canvas
but I’ve dabbled in other mediums as well. I’m a highly focused painter,
working quickly, usually finishing my paintings in around 10 hours.
I am influenced by the beauty of nature. Water, trees, animals, sunsets
and the sky in general. I love playing with colours. How the sun changes
the light in the sky, cascading it into different hues. How a tree can be
blue, pink or red. How colour is all around us. I started painting in the
quiet of early mornings because I found I had the most artistic juices
flowing then. I called those paintings my “morning paintings.”
With nature as my muse, I want to capture its’ splendor in a painting,
creating a feeling of calm and producing something truly beautiful.