Danielle Beaulieu

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I began experimenting with watercolors about 8-9 years ago and am a self-taught visual artist. Two years ago I retired and since then have been painting about 6-8 hours each day.

I'm proud to have won a number of awards and have exhibited in Canada and the United States


The most obvious attribute of my work is the use of texture as a means of expression. This serves to project the emotional content in my works. One of the major objectives in creating my paintings is my desire to fulfill an emotional response, rather than focusing on the subject matter.

Painting in pure watercolour medium, I use a painstaking multi glazing technique, with some times up to 10 layers of transparent paint, each in turn delicately modulating the colours beneath. There is no white paint used at all in any of my works since I prefer to preserve areas of the natural paper. My paintings can take many weeks in the making. A recurring theme in my works are the antiques which man has created and abandoned and finding renewed life between object and environment.