Drea Cohane

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Drea is an emerging artist who draws and paints from the city of Toronto. Due to an mTBI, Drea was inspired and motivated to take up art as a means of building new neural pathways. What started out as an effort to enhance brain plasticity, has now become a lifelong creative endeavour.


For the artist, the interior lives we all carry about within us, is what is truly fascinating about human nature. These enigmatic inner landscapes are mostly kept hidden from a passerby, but will sometimes - and often fleetingly, reveal themselves in a passing gesture or look. In her portraits, Drea looks to capture a quality or expression through the use of colour and contour that distills something of the interior life of a person. Whether it's just a mere glimpse of what's going on under the surface, there is always an urgent sense of a passing mood playing out before the viewer.