Elayne Windsor

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Elayne Windsor is a multi award winning collage artist from the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. Elayne is a self taught artist who has taken workshops with various artists such as John Leonard, Denis Cliff and Kal Honey. Her work has been exhibited, in group and solo shows, across Ontario and also in the US. She works in both collage and decollage.

Most recently Elayne has had solo shows at The Kawartha Art gallery, Ecco gallery in Lakefield, Scugog Art space, the Bancroft Art gallery and the Northumberland gallery as well as multiple group shows.


Being an artist is to constantly have a conversation with yourself. I walk to provide myself with thinking time. What comes up is often a multitude of questions, rather than answers. Back at my studio I am ready to explore the questions and see what answers arise. For me the meaning often comes behind the work, rather than in front of it. I work to narrow my thinking, searching for the answers.
My work charts both the inner and outer world, examining the world from multiple and varied perspectives at one time. It explores the simple outer rhythmical movement and patterns of my body integrated with my inner imagination and thinking.
Most recently my attention is held by decollage. It speaks to me of the 21st century when systems across the globe seem to be torn down and reinvented. What will remain of what we have built.


Decollage on canvas.


Landscape is fluid and ever changing. It contains movement and energy. The landscape,we view today, and capture on canvas, is never repeated. It is a moment in time made up of all that came before and the future it is moving toward. In "Unleashed" I explore the past, present and future of the landscape simultaneously.

Elayne Windsor