Flor de Maria Mejia

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Flor de Maria Mejia is a visual art artist. Canadian citizen, born in Peru.


Flor de Maria was born in Lima, Peru. The love for painting started at an early age, never happier than when she was drawing and expressing her feelings doing so. Her school notebooks were an expression of that love, which was never appreciated by her parents or teachers because she kept drawing during class time. This passion continued during her years in university, she graduated as an Engineer. She started painting with water colour, acrylic and oil. she took various arts courses in order to improve her techniques. She loves what she does now even more because she can express herself with what she learned and she is now able to translate her love for Latino America and Canada onto the canvas.


Mixed media on canvas.


The beauty of Toronto from my point of view. At any time of the year there is always something special that captures my attention and makes me admire this city.

Flor de Maria Mejia


Mix media on panel.


All children are equal in the eyes of God. We all have the same desire to live and be happy with the same qualities, virtues, devils, regardless of the race or colour with which we were born.

Flor de Maria Mejia