Jisun Chun

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Whenever I write down the artist statement I feel it's pretty hard to explain my artistic mind & world logically as one of the artists. I don't have much verbal description skill that's why I draw & paint instead I guess. At least once everyone might have painted like Picasso when we were children. Did we express our childlike world with explainable knowledge indeed at that time? I'm just still doing the same thing even until now. Listening to music, dancing through the rhythm sometimes and conjuring my unconscious world. By doing that, at some point, the creatures of various forms (head-shaped mostly) have been revealing on canvas. As well as I bring those into relief like breathing new life, there becomes the image of mythical animal or existence. As I've been learning Jungian psychology's concept of Collective Unconscious, I've realized that those images represent the Archetype by transcendental and shamanic spirit. The Collective Unconscious is a repository of universal & prior evolutionary experiences shared through human history and culture. That contains Archetypes which are primitive and spiritual images that appear repeatedly in human dreams, fantasies, myths and arts. I actually dream a lot and some dreams are postmonitions even. I think I've got influence from my grandmother who was a shaman. Anyway, not every artist's work needs to be explained in a profound or logical way in my opinion. The unconsciousness has already been expressed, so if I do the subjective interpretation consciously, that'll be meaningless. I hope each of you can see and feel my works differently based on your personal life & experience. Like a mirror reflecting your life...