Karen Silver

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I live in Toronto and have been taking photographs since I was in my early 30's. I became a producer of tv commercials and moved to LA and lived with Michael Hayden's family in the Hollywood hills. Michael is an artist whose refraction grading glass and use of the spectrum of light inspired me to start taking photos of light and then of bubbles and the colours and worlds that live in them. I am passionate about shooting what I see, more a photo artist than a photographer. I am also still a producer and that affords me the luxury of being able to travel around the world (pre Covid) and shoot all sorts of things I see.


I am a photo/artist who lives in Toronto. I shoot a diverse range of subjects, from bubbles to reflections. One of my passions is the joy I receive from shooting a magical realm that lives in all of life. Seeing beyond what is in front of me has been at the centre of my work and art for many years. There is always more to see if one looks more deeply..

Perhaps this is why my work has evolved over the years to become about water and what it reflects. Water offers the magical gift of reflection, not disimilar to what I saw in the huge soap bubbles I made all those years ago…