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Lubna Mousa is a visual artist currently based in Ottawa, Ontario. She was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq.
She holds a bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Technology (Iraq). In addition to her university education, she has training in fine arts,
She has completed an Encaustic Art Course from Toronto school Art (2013), a Power Print Making Course at Open Studio, Toronto (2013)
More recently, Ms. Mousa completed a Creative Entrepreneurship program by Artscape Daniel’s Launchpad Toronto (2018) and a Social Entrepreneurial Leaders Enabling Climate Transitions (SELECT) Program by the School of Social Entrepreneurs (2018).

In her artworks, Mousa reflects her thoughts and images in layers using mixed media.
that showcase the complementarities and dichotomies of her past and present cultures
Most recently, her artworks deal with the intersection of consumerism, recycling, and climate change.

Lubna Mousa has exhibited her work at the UNESCO Offices in Paris and Amman and art fairs ‘The Artist Project, Toronto ‘. Her work can be found in private collections.


As an Iraqi Canadian Artist, my artwork explores the intersection of my past and present cultures and how they complement and contradict each other.
My mixed media paintings are a reflection of personal experiences and segments of my thoughts and memories. I strive to mirror the moments that led me to be who and where I am today. My paintings borrow images from the surroundings in an attempt to demonstrate the complexity or simplicity of human thinking, emotions, and interests.
My objective is to create contextual contemporary paintings that leave a positive impact on the viewer, often by layering different materials and colors. Using mixed media with acrylic and collage on canvas, wood, and paper
Culture, Architectural training, and the daily surroundings are a constant influence.
My experience in Iraq is evident in many of my pieces and it often resurfaces here and there in various forms and colors. It is best showcased in the collage series titled After War a depute to the bombing of the United Nations Office in Baghdad 2003.
My recent training and experience reflect my effort to understand the human-environment complex dynamic. Subsequently, my “new” work address’s themes of climate change, sustainability, and consumerism.