Mahmood Hosseini

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Mahmood Hosseini @mooodini is an Iranian-Canadian visual artist based in Toronto.
He is holding BFA in Painting and MA in Illustration from university of art.
He has been working as a visual artist more than 15 years. He has worked with many publishers and organization and awarded for his illustration and design.
He exposed his work to public arts in Canada like STEPS Public Art, Murals Routs, StART, Outside the box and Collective Arts Brewing. He has been exhibited his work in many group exhibitions and has received innovation award from STEPS public art for the Main Street challenges in 2021.


My practice delivers an experience of moving back and forth from Middle East to West, a shift from Traditional art to modern and contemporary art and from a subject to an object. My practice follows subcultural contemporary Iranian painting SAQQĀ-ḴĀNA movement. It’s basicaly following same approach with different ingrideint and visual elements. In my practice I try to define a visual narrative from current pop culture and it’s subcultures, borrowing motifs and elements empowering with rhythm and repetition.