Mary Perkins

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Born and raised in North Toronto I have always had a deep rooted love of nature. Spending hours of my childhood exploring the Don Valley left a lasting impression, and decades later, I have now tapped into my creative passion for painting these memories. Much of my love for the outdoors is demonstrated in painted naturescapes, and inspired by my recurring time in Muskoka, Ottawa, and Brampton. My belief that we, as individuals, are consistently evolving is reflected in my evolving styles, landscapes and mediums.


It is my belief that our urban green spaces hold immense soothing, healing, restorative powers. We are able to enjoy, and find peace and wonder in the open spaces of nature, breathe in its scents, listen to urban wildlife abound, and find beauty and connectivity in the simple things that surround us: the sky, tree, grasses, earth and stone. Nature is one of our primary elements that cannot be restricted, and it needs to be valued and protected. My oil paintings reflect the beauty I find in both urban and rural spaces, in different seasons, at different times of the day and night, and in many varieties of flora. Nature, to me, is always a source of inspiration, relaxation and rejuvenation. The purpose to collecting pieces of artwork is to find connections and joy to make your space your own. Art can add to any space, big or small. Art, through colour and texture, create an emotional impact that conjure up feelings and memories worthy of embracing.