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An accomplished award-winning artist, Mazarine has had several sold-out solo and group exhibitions around the world. She has an avid following of collectors and her works have pride of place all over the world.

Mazarine intelligently plays on a psychological phenomenon known as Pareidolia (parr-i-DOH-lee-a) – a condition which makes people see familiar shapes and patterns where none actually exist, but in her case she actually hides the stimulus in there. No wonder critics have tagged her style as “mysteries in colour,” you need to find the clues before the subject of the artwork reveals itself. When that happens it is a aha moment.

Mazarine graduated in 1988 from the prestigious five-year applied art degree at Sophia College but has continued to learn and evolve as is apparent from her body of work of the past 25 years. She is skilled in a variety of mediums from charcoal to encaustic, but is biased to inks, acrylics and oils.

Mazarine was born in Bombay (Mumbai) to an eccentric, fun loving, Zoroastrian family. She is of Iranian ancestry, Indian by birth, Italian at heart and Canadian by choice. Mazarine works out of The Art Brewery, her studio (a repurposed gar-age) in Toronto.


I play on a psychological phenomenon known as Pareidolia (parr-i-DOH-lee-a) – a condition which makes people see familiar shapes and patterns where none actually exist, but in my case I actually hide the stimulus in there. Which is why critics have tagged my style as “mysteries in colour.”

$4,500.00 CAD

Inks, acrylics and markmaking on canvas.


Grace is Mazarine's take on moving from one season to another. She often draws inspiration from nature to create some of her larger works. Using a colour palette that reflects the freshness of spring, she has added mark making techniques to symbolize a horse's head along with her iconic style of 'mysteries in colour' you will also see familiar forms in the rest of the piece.

Mazarine Memon

$3,600.00 CAD

Acrylics and inks on canvas.


The 3rd in the series of Nature's Fury, Mazarine uses one of Nature's wonders to address Climate change. 4 years ago when Toronto experienced yet another Ice storm, a clear indication on how climate change is affecting us all, she witnessed magnificent yet alarming pictures of the Niagara falls.
Here is her interpretation of the falls where she also uses an abstract depiction of tourists overlooking the falls. In a way pointing to humanity who have abused all forms of Nature and yet shamelessly continue to flock and enjoy the natural beauty our earth has to offer us.

Mazarine Memon

$3,600.00 CAD

Acrylics and inks on canvas.


Today, the Arctic is warming twice as fast as anywhere on earth, and the sea ice there is declining by more than 10% every 10 years. What happens in these places has consequences across the entire globe. This piece is symbolic of the gravity of the situation. Unless we do something about (and we should have at least 2 decades ago) flooding on coastal regions will be more frequent and storms more intense.

Mazarine Memon

$1,800.00 CAD

Acrylics and inks on canvas.


Agate is a gem with the most brilliant hues. I was so inspired by the rich tomes of this stone that translating it to an abstract piece was inevitable. The warmth in this painting is meant to connect with the buyer and their home.

Mazarine Memon

$4,300.00 CAD

Oil on canvas.


The 3rd piece in the Isolation series, looks at our senior population. They have been the most vulnerable during the pandemic. Have had to bear this alone without loved ones at hand and a staggering number have fallen prey to this virus. Mazarine, a Toronto based artist has taken this opportunity to showcase the depth of unsanitary conditions in the long term care facilities which had added to the death toll of the senior population.
Cut flowers signifies that whilst the term of life for our elders is finite, they still need a full vase of water, they still need the sunshine and care that a potted plant would. They can remain and fresh and bloom with love till they wither and its our duty to make sure they are taken care of.
Here Mazarine shows the fragility of an elder embedded in florals. Her palette here has some earth tones, this is to signify the 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust' of a life lived till the end.

Mazarine Memon

$7,500.00 CAD

Oils and inks on canvas.


Everyone recognizes the symbol; Just by looking at it, its most basic meaning is clear: maintain balance. This piece showcases a male form surrounded by flower vines. Mazarine's aim is to present the feminine side of the male, to know that a balance between how on perceives the role of the man and how it really should be.

Mazarine Memon

$11,500.00 CAD

Oils and acrylics on canvas.


I Wonder, is the second in the series of Isolation by Mazarine. Once again, she has taken a soft palette and used it to meld together the figure of a woman and the blooms of spring that are pushing out and around her. In the second one she has taken a bright blue, and used it as focal point. This is once again used symbolically to express, that every cloud has a silver lining. She expects you to take away from this the first positive thought that comes to mind.

Mazarine Memon

$9,000.00 CAD

Oils, inks and silver leaf on canvas.


Here Mazarine uses nature to symbolize growth from within during this Pandemic. We've all had to reach within for courage and resilience amidst this chaos. The suffering whilst real, Mazarine has decided to see this as a positive, and how we have evolved as a race.
Nature dies a natural death with every season, and yet a new kind of beauty emerges with it, year after year.
This is the key message with this series. She showcases, growth from within by using a a soft palette that helps tie together our oneness with universe and its natural beauty that has blossomed as the world ground to a halt.

Mazarine Memon