Meaghen Burdick

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My name is Meaghen Burdick, I am a single mom and self taught artist located in the greater Toronto area. I have been passionate about art and painting since I was a young child. Over the years painting became a way for me to cope with the emotions surrounding traumatic experiences.
I lost touch with the brush in my late teens and turned towards fashion as an expressive outlet. This shift enabled be to gain a diploma in visual merchandising arts at Sheridan College. This is where I became versed in colour theory and composition. Through my journey in fashion I felt a creative void in my heart and soul. I was lacking the creative freedom of the brush and canvas.
Within the last two years, I fully immersed myself in acrylic painting. I classify myself as an intuitive painter, there is no planning before I put paint to canvas. Recently, I have begun small line works on paper as a way to simplify the world around us, bringing it back to basics. I will continue to learn, grow and explore every inch of the acrylic painting world.


My art is a representation of what lies within my soul. My journey with acrylic painting started as a way to work through traumatic experiences as a child. Painting became one with my emotions. Through colour and texture I explore how emotions can be translated onto canvas. The ability to touch and hold what we feel creates an inner connection on a full sensory level.