Meaghen Burdick

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Hey! It’s me, Meaghen, the artist behind all these paintings. I’m a self-taught artist based in Milton, Ontario. I graduated from the visual merchandising arts program at Sheridan College where I was exposed to colour theory and a few drawing classes.
My journey with painting started as a way to work through emotions. Using colour and texture I explore how emotions can be translated onto canvas. The ability to touch and hold what we feel creates a deeper connection between the viewer and my art. Yes! I encourage you to touch and feel the texture in my paintings. I believe art should be experienced as a whole not just with our eyes.


For my series of abstract landscapes, I focused on the constant battle between perfectionism and living with a carefree nature within life. I love the beauty in nature, how everything has its perfect place. I translate nature, in all its perfection, into a more abstract form to depict that balance we all strive for.