Melissa Mattei

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Melissa is known for her fierce love for animals and the world around her. One animal in particular has had a strong impact throughout her life starting from five years old: Horses. To this day it has been not only a passion but a therapy she cannot live without. Due to this love, (a.k.a. obsession), she grew up drawing and creating mostly horses and expanded her creative skills later in life when she was at a crossroad during her college years. That crossroad led her to study Creative Arts at St-Lambert College and then continued to study Studio Arts at Concordia University, in Montreal, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors in 2018. Through her school experiences, she was able to practice and explore in a variety of mediums, although she was drawn mostly to painting and sculpture.

Apart from her rising art career, Melissa is also studying to become an equine facilitated therapist where she hopes to combine her passion for horses, mental wellbeing and art together to help others achieve their goals and dreams.


My work is usually very figurative, involving human or animal form. My intense love for the natural world allows me to see beauty in all living things. I relish in exploring different subject matters and simply have a need to create. I am usually drawn to painting and sculpture which I sometimes use as a platform to raise awareness for animal rights and the exploitation of our Earth caused by human control over the natural world. Art has allowed me to see the world in a different light and has given me my voice.