Monika Larochelle

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MK has always been drawing and painting since she could hold a pen in her hands. The first subject she ever drew was a horse. She has always had a tremendous love and respect for nature and animals, and we can see it in her work.

She studied Graphic Design, 2D/3D animation, and also concept art, which brought her to work in the video game industry as a Lead Artist. However, it is not until later in her 30s that she really got engaged with her artistic skills and love for art. After living in Mexico for 2 years, she came back with a set of new skills, entrepreneurship, and a ton of ideas!

MK identifies herself as #Flexitarian, because she is still working her way toward veganism. She recognizes the struggle that a lot of people have when having to choose to eat or hurt an animal for survival. Animal lover, she is excited for the future as technology is bringing solutions to the survival of humanity while being able to take care of the biodiversity, our animals, and the planet.

Also, she is a firm believer of #cryptocurrency and #NFTs and can't wait to see where this journey will bring the people surrounding her and herself.

She has already sold her first Art NFT and plans on working on an art project NFT.

Technology, Humanity, and Passion are the key to the planet and her own success.


Monika aka ​MK is an artist at her core, a free spirit in her soul, and humanitarian in her blood.

She thrives in an environment that allows her to combine her passion while having the deep feeling of contributing to helping the planet earth become a better world.

Her artworks are done digitally using a unique technic that she developed and a mix of brushes on her Ipad and her Cintiq where she gets to digitally paint wherever she is. She gets inspired by her surrounding, animals, and nature. Her art often is recognized by her followers as linocut style, even though it has its unique brush strokes.

Traveling, nature, and animals are her sources of inspiration.


Linocut style - Digital art on canvas.


Limited edition 1 of 10.

Digital Painting on Canvas.
Linocut style.

The imperfection created by the strokes gives an impression of movement. Some say that it gives a linocut style.

Big symmetrical/abstract dragonfly surrounded by bubbles.

Fits perfectly on walls with tones of yellow, green, blue, gray, and white.


This artwork was created with enthusiasm and happiness. Made on the spur of the moment.

Monika Larochelle