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Munazzah Farhan, known as “Artist Mooni”, is a Canadian based Finger Painting artist of modern impressionism and textural expressionist oil and acrylic paintings. Currently living in Toronto, she had previously worked and lived in Asia, Middle east and Europe. She is a graduate in engineering and holds an MBA as well.
Since her early days, she wanted to be known as an Artist but it took her time to get over her boundaries. Years back when waves of life were going against her, at that time when she truly felt loneliness, she got inspired by that pain through the sensation of colors in her fingers that she can own it, this is when she decided to donate her life as a self-taught finger painting artist. For her work, she has always believed on skills and spark that can be seen in her paintings. Her work is bolder, vibrant and passionately warm that shows several years of her hard work. 
She started doing paintings in 2010 and sold through commissions. Her work is comprised of Landscapes and Cityscapes but she also loves florals. For her, art is a great way of scratching the soul through textures, colors, depths and giving a vision of life through an Artist’s eyes. When words are not enough then stroke speaks. 
She likes to create art to capture her audience’s attention and through textures make them feel to be connected with her paintings. Her aim is to give life to walls with full of vibrance. She also loves to describe her paintings in words and use words to paint every single shade and strokes that itself tells a story that anyone can relate themselves to. In her paintings there is a hidden message that will help you to release your stress and anxiety. Believe in yourself because you worth it.

$250.00 CAD

Acrylic on stretched canvas.


Name: " Find your Soulmate "
Size: 18 x 24 ( inch) stretched canvas, varnished and ready to hang on wall.

While making it, I found myself so beautiful and in peace. So much textured, layered and spreaded curiosity of finding the one who is hiding to light up life with love and care. Having a Soulmate in life is a blessing itself to whom you cherish the moments of life.

Munazzah Farhan