Noura Unrau

Noura Unrau’s unique artistry comes from an ever-evolving and deeply personal perspective. After graduating from university in Cairo with a degree in Ancient Egyptian Studies and Tourism, Noura continued to pursue her passion for art and develop her unique feminist style. Her arresting bold aluminum mesh sculptures and mixed media pieces explore various themes with a focus on the expression of womanhood.

Through the use of reclaimed fabric, industrial content, personal mementos, and found material, Noura draws on her own interpretation of works by artists such as Tamara de Lempicka, Warhol, the Pre-Raphaelites, Klimt and Chagal during her creative process.

Her greatest passion lies in transforming reclaimed textile, bark and hardware into avantgarde artwork.


I take great pride in utilizing a wide variety of objects from the world around me. Each part that contributed to the creative process has a memory of its own, one that has organically metabolized into an artwork. Whether it’s the ephemeral folds of fabric bent over wire mesh sculptures that exult the beauty of the female form, or a pre-loved memento that has redeemed another lifetime within a canvas, the pieces tell stories that have different interpretations to the beholder.

With most of my artwork, I endeavor to upcycle and embed as much content from our daily lives into the pieces I create. This I do in part to help shoulder mother nature’s burden that consumerism continues to birth, but also to preserve little memories and cherished keepsakes of our being that are otherwise perishable.