Paul Brandejs

Paul Brandejs was born in the Czech Republic, immigrating to Saskatoon in Canada as a child. He studied at the Banff School of Fine Arts, where he was granted with scholarships that enabled him to study with Ilda Lubane. Lubane had a profound impact on Brandejs’ work.

After studying Fine Art at the Ontario College of Art, he spent a year in Florence, studying under Canadian figurative artist Tom LaPierre.

Paul Brandejs is renown for the uniqueness and depth of expression of his abstract works with acrylic and photography on sculpted canvases.

Audiences and collectors of Paul Brandejs’ works remark on the distinctive way he is able to isolate the intangible beauty, delicacy and power that co-exist in nature. His art is stretched across sculpted canvas, which bring an inimitable movement to each piece. Each shape is designed to draw the viewer into and through the art.

Blending the precision of photography with the fluidity of paint, Brandejs applies a variety of techniques to the two media to capture the best of each. He views the shape and texture of the canvas as a catalyst to creating works that are both exquisite and engaging to the viewer.

“My inspiration can come from anywhere,” says Brandejs. “I have been intrigued by the moon and the night sky or the fluid motion of water. The fall of shadows on the captivating shapes in the narrow streets of Florence or a forested glade in a park in Toronto all contain natural elements that comprise a component of the abstract.

“I  don’t aim to encumber the viewer with my ideologies. Rather I seek to draw them into the environment so they can make their own interpretations. They will bring their own sense of the familiar, seeing and being initially drawn to the parts to which they can most easily relate. Then they will react to something deeper — ideas, structures or sensations that seem to have merged together seamlessly, but which on closer, more intimate viewing feel more alien or unaccustomed.