Paul Brandejs

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Paul Brandejs was born in the Czech Republic, immigrating to Canada as a child. He studied at the Banff School of Fine Arts, where he was granted several scholarships that enabled him to study with Ilda Lubane. Lubane had a profound impact on Brandejs’ work.

After studying Fine Art at the Ontario College of Art, he spent a year in Florence, studying under Canadian figurative artist Tom LaPierre.

Paul is based in Toronto and is a member of the Artists’ Network and Gallery 1313. He sits on the board of Artist’s Network. His work in included in private collections in Canada, U.S.A., France and Czech Republic.


Postmodern art has a fixation on absolute contrasts; photography and painting, abstract and representation, and conceptual and practical. My study is a dismantling of these conventional categories through the integration of elements found within sculpture, painting, and photography.

The sculpted canvases are handmade and unique to each artwork. The structural forms fragment the frame and instill movement, disrupting the conventional geometric configuration of wall-mounted artwork.

Each piece is a deconstruction of the surrounding environment, as the structural form of the canvas abstracts the natural lines within. My investigation into the tradition of Canadian art, the unadulterated beauty of the physical world, and resonating passing memory, results in an attempt to communicate the grandeur and fragility of nature.