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I’m Pushti.

Inspired by the life around us, I gravitate toward experiences that help me grow. As a freelance artist located in Toronto, ON, I am also passionate about everything to do with design and data.

Painting was my first love. I’ve been a painter for over 10 years, practicing with Acrylic. Over time I’ve ventured into Oil, Drawing, Screen Printing, Sculpture, and Digital Media.

When I’m not working, you can catch me exploring a new country (or during the pandemic, wishing I was in a new country), watching a horror movie, or admiring art supplies I can’t afford.


Pushti Shah is a Gujarati-Canadian multidisciplinary artist who likes to explore themes of her Indian diaspora, feminism, reincarnation. Her work stems from aspects of Hinduism and horror, where she approaches Indian art from a unique angle. Indian folklore plays a heavy role in Shah's work, from gods to deities to demons, every story she has been told is stored away somewhere in her head, and she's bringing it back to life with a paintbrush in her hand. Her medium of preference is Acrylic, however Shah is currently exploring layering with paint, digital and collage, embracing all things abstract.

$5,000.00 CAD

Acrylic on stretched canvas.


Gallery stretched cotton canvas, varnished, and signed

Not a religious painting, but an anecdote to Bollywood posters and Indian mothers. Chai is a unviersally loved beverage by every Indian, but when we go to India we're greeted by "Chai-walas" meaning the "Men who sell Chai". In most of a first-gen Indian kid household, the mom (or eldest woman) is the person who makes the Chai for the family. So, I've created a piece that puts the typical Indian woman in empowerment, showing her true colours- in a fun poster-esque way that details what a typical cup of Chai entails. She is a labour of love, and I can only imagine her hanging in a gorgeous cafê, restaurant or hotel.

Pushti Shah

$10,000.00 CAD

Mixed media on wood.


Wood, varnished twice, signed

The 9 Nights tells the story of Navratri, an Indian festival that I have celebrated growing up. It shines a light on the story behind the festivities and shows Goddess Durga in her 9 forms. Durga is a fierce form of the mother goddess. She entails destruction to empower creation, as she is a formidable goddess. The piece depicts her 9 forms shocked at the fact that they will be battling with the demon, Mahishasur, who betrayed the Holy Trinity; Lord Shiva, Bhrama and Vishnu. Mahishasur took over Earth, Heaven and Hell, and was only able to be defeated by the hands of a woman. The Holy Trinity created Durga, who encompassed 9 avatars, and she then fought Mahishasur, which lasted 9 days. Each of her forms took turns battling the demon before finally killing him on the 9th day.

The Last Supper depicts Jesus sharing his final meal with his apostles before crucifixion. In this painting, Durga and her 9 forms are meeting one more time before they go off to battle Mahishasur, a fight between good and evil.

Pushti Shah