Tatiyana Newyniak

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Quirky diva Tatiyana has been creative since age 3 and she considers her art to be her superpower…a cat lover , fashion enthusiast and all around quirky diva she hopes to not only be a name among the greats but to mainly put a smile on someone’s face with her colourful quirky art expressions. A dream of hers is also to work with charitable causes who support women,children animals and people with disabilities. While promoting her art she wishes to be an advocate for mental health awareness…
Tatiyana has also did group exhibitions as well as solo exhibits along with craft shows , and now she would like to tackle the online market . She also has experience in teaching arts and crafts to children and seniors groups ..
The best thing about being an artist? Tatiyana says it’s the genuine fans of her work , not who puts in the big price but the one who appreciates her lively quirky soul which is reflected in her art work .


An abundant life is a artistic life!!