Vanessa Cuartas

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Born in Miami (1987) with Colombian roots and now currently living in Toronto, Vanessa Cuartas is a contemporary equine artist.

She discovered her passion for horses when she was very little. Her father before he passed away, taught her the love of horses and how beautiful inside and out they are. She spent her childhood getting to know them and riding them.

What her father taught her most is that the love of horses is never forgotten. Although she is not surrounded by horses anymore, Vanessa was able to find a way to connect with horses again, and that is by painting them.

Following the example of her grandmother, a great artist in Colombia, she decided to follow her artistic dreams and instincts. She got her Bachelor of Arts in the University of Central Florida, where she also took art history courses and learned about the wonderful George Stubbs and his work which inspired her path as an equine artist even more.

Painting horses reminds her of the freedom and energy it felt to be around or riding them. Her paintings convey a lot of power and movement but also contains a lot of colours. Colours are Vanessa’s way of bringing positive energy into her paintings. Painting these horses also allows her to be close to her father, always, by sharing that passion for them.

As an artist, she keeps learning and growing, things that are always important for her. As a graphic designer by day, at night she currently spends her time painting and developing her style. She is also studying her subject by learning both their anatomy and history.


As an artist people always ask me why I paint so many horses and what entices me to paint them with such vigor and determination. Horses were a big part of my childhood, and painting them reminds me of the freedom and energy I felt when riding and being around them.

I paint my horses mostly in acrylics in a mix of a modern contemporary style. I use bold and brushstrokes to convey the energy and movement horses bring, but also to bring positive energy to whoever views my artwork.