Vlade Marasovic

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"I don't paint what I see, I paint what I feel."
Vlade Marasovic was born August 31, 1947 in Ugljane, a town near Split, Croatia. As a child Vlade demonstrated an innate ability to draw and paint. His work was among the best in his class. His father, proud of his son's achievements, was eager to show the paintings to his friends and acquaintances. Vlade, did not care for the attention. Although pleased with his marks, he did not let the comments of appreciation go to his head. In grade 6 or so, he won first prize in an art competition, but he threw the work, a painting on a wooden board, over a bridge on the local Cetina River, as he felt it was too heavy to carry all the way home. 
A subsequent blow to Vlade's creative bent came when he created a portrait of a classmate and the painting was ill received. The friend did not like it, more ominously, others made fun of the friend when looking at the work. Vlade was threatened with a beating. The sensitivity ran both ways as this fiasco derailed the up-and-coming artist from pursuing his passion. Shaken by the incident, he decided to put aside his water colours and pastels. Production ceased - for a long time. 
In 1969, Marasovic left Croatia for Germany, where he worked in the building industry. Later on he moved to Canada, first Montreal in 1975m, then to Toronto in 1977 where he was to resume his painting activity in earnest.
From 1977 on, Vlade Marasovic painted in his free time as his construction work schedule would allow. In 1994 he suffered a serious injury at work and was not able to continue. The incident steered his focus to his art and Vlade started to paint more intensely. He was encouraged by the fact that his art began to sell, which in his mind validated his efforts and continued to paint with renewed energy and intensity. During this time, he developed a large body of work that he feels is exhibition worthy. Marasovic recently relocated to Toronto where he continues to produce his artwork.