Yashowardhan Kauns

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Yash’s artistic journey begins as a kid when he scribbled the terrace with charcoal and in return received a box of colors from his mother. Since then, there has been a desperate urge to express visually, which translates into contentment and happiness.

With exhibitions and works published in books/magazines, his artistic journey has continued from India to Canada. This new Quebecois has participated in various shows and sold many artworks. Yash mostly works on commissioned basis for interior designers and art collectors.

His canvas further extends to the art of filmmaking. A Vancouver Film School graduate, Yash has made many documentaries and short fiction. Presently, he is working on a documentary commissioned for IGNCA, a Government organization in India.


Although I work on various themes and use different techniques, Impressionism and Post-impressionism have always fascinated me. I create abstracts, figures, still-life, and other subjects and mostly enjoy the stippling and the scraping techniques.

Today, my conscious mind may give reasons for what I create but it is hard to find the reason that made me scribble the terrace with charcoal when I was a kid. Whatever the motivation, it gave me satisfaction and happiness, which I always crave for.

Pursuing art is a lifetime journey but creating a piece of art is also a trip in itself. An expedition that helps you explore and define new dimensions and your own self.