Collages, acrylic on paper on canvas.


This Serialist painting portrays Lawren Harris’ arctic seascape titled, Baffin Island. Lawren was born into a wealthy family which freed him of the financial worries most feel. This freedom allowed him to chat his own individual path through the arts. He would study art in Toronto and later Berlin. He would go on to become a founding member and leader of the Group of Seven. This Baffin Island painting represents Lawren’ slow departure from representational art work into the abstract realm. While this painting still retains the smoothness and grandeur that one would come to expect from Harris’ work. One can also see this artists style slowly evolving into more basic shapes, colours and purely abstract compositions to which he would dedicate the rest of his artistic explorations. This painting is my attempt to portray both his life, art, and eventual impact on Canadian history.

Artists Masterpiece Series: Lawren Harris,’ Baffin Island

Brent Andrew Doty


Collage and painting

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