Collages, acrylic on paper on canvas.


This Serialist painting is of Picasso,’ black & white, modern art mural masterpiece. It is the largest painting I have done, to date, and took me almost eight months to complete. My serialist rendition is half the size of Pablo,’ in colour, and constructed entirely out of the many, war crimes/criminals, human atrocities and critical cultural events committed since the original 1937 Guernica bombing. This horrific act by the German Luftwaffe during the Spanish civil as well as his painting would live on in infamy. Done as a means to both inform and warm the public of this tragic event and the awful trajectory it places humans on. This mural was meant as a warning sign to humanity to head Picasso’s warning and NOT to continue down this awful path of indiscriminate death and destruction. Sadly we did NOT head his warning and over the years humanity has only become more capable of cruelty on a truly global scale.

Artists Masterpiece Series: Picasso,’ Guernica

Brent Andrew Doty


Collage and painting

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