Resin on wood.


A one of kind geode diptych that you will cherish forever.

This beautiful piece is original art work on MDF wood in two pieces (Diptych). Each piece is 12x12, making total length as 24 inch and 12 inch high.
I custom cut the wood, sanded, primed and poured 4 layers of resin. The sides are painted in gold. In the middle of both the pieces is free floating agate slice shaped piece studded with crystal cluster and diamond dust I spent many hours over few days trying to get the look I was going for. It will give me a great pleasure to see one of you hang this beauty in your space and admire it.
Pictures don't do justice for resin art. It looks even better in person.

Blue White and Gold Diptych with floating crystal cluster

Priya Malhotra


Mixed media

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