Oil on canvas.


Don Valley Weeping Willow, Oil on Canvas, 18 x 24, Don Valley Golf Course. Every Wednesday morning at 6:00 am I golf at the Don Valley Golf course. It's such a wonderful course with so many trees in the heart of Toronto. When I walk the valley, the city literally disappears. On the course there are many majestic Weeping Willow trees that are between 200 and 450 years old. I often wonder how many people have walked by. How many tears has this willow shed? How many changes have occurred during those years? The tree's bark has so many gnarly bits that are ragged and lumpy. This particular tree looks like it has someone trying to escape from inside but the bark has it trapped. It definitely is the tree's prisoner. Take a walk with me!

Don Valley Weeping Willow

Angelo Di Francesco



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