Digitally painted original-Limited edition on acrylic panel.


Limited edition 1 of 3.

Dutch Treat in Blue is a riff off the Old Masters - in modern style. I've always adored those luscious, over the top still lifes with brilliantly coloured blooms and a stray bug or two. My version is an Original Digital Painting printed on crystal clear acrylic. I painted it using my fingertip on a touch screen, and it really Zings!
Dutch Treat in Blue has a particular pop to it that's both fun and eye catching. That brilliant blue against the black is like a wink at art history - and a visual thrill.
Dutch Treat in Blue looks great in traditional or contemporary settings. It's super easy to hang using a single nail; D-hooks/wire can also be used. The unique material can be cleaned, front and back (if it looks dusty), using a dry or damp cloth. Variations of this piece are available. Contact me for further info.

Dutch Treat in Blue

Helaine Becker


Digital art

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