Mixed media on wood panel.


Wild. Unkept. Powerful. Gaze of Medusa focuses on the curvature of shapes while enforcing it with colour. The snakes appear within the shapes near her hair. Her eyes are covered, a hint that perhaps she herself is ensnared, frozen in place. All that surrounds her are thought patterns, as Josh Hyman describes. In the moment that you are rendered immobile, struck by the seconds in which you gaze upon this piece, what goes through your mind? Has there been a moment in your life where you were stuck? Overcome by feelings of fear, grief? This is a piece that represents the clashing of thoughts, the process where confusion blends itself with shapes and colour. The mind trying to make sense of what it’s being bombarded with as danger, seductive as it can be, moves in.

Crafted with: Swarovski diamond dust, resin

Gaze of Meduza




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