Acrylic, soft pastel, carbon pencil and chalkboard paint on panel.


This painting is part of a series of mixed media works entitled Disfluency and Delay. The series presents painted spectrograms of impromptu performances culled from YouTube videos (shown in dark grey), layered with audio spectrograms of natural events (glacial collisions, ice fractures, earthquakes, shown in light grey), outlines of sculptural/aquatic forms that resemble sea anemones implying air/water movement, and charted data (output and capacity) from Ontario’s wind farms.

This piece features spectrograms from YouTube clips “Branson School Chamber Singers” and “Singing Iceberg”. It also features Ontario Wind Power Facilities data (capacity & output) for February 8 through 14, 2013.

Disfluency is the inability to produce smooth, fluent speech, such as inadvertently repeating words or uttering “um” and “uh” during an impromptu or practiced speech. Delay refers to the repetition of a sound at intervals: delayed sound can diminish with reducing volume, or create a feedback loop becoming endlessly louder. Breaking the cycle to quiet the mounting noise requires stopping the sound, pausing for a moment.

Impromptu Performance 3

Ester Pugliese



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