Acrylic and resin on vinyl.


Meet The Waikikis – the ultimate one-hit wonders who skyrocketed to fame with their groovy 1965 hit, "Hawaii Tattoo." Hailing from Belgium, these cool cats jammed out to a unique blend of chilled surf rock that might just make you feel like you're riding the waves or kicking back in the countryside. Picture happy, yet slightly nostalgic ballads – that's The Waikikis' vibe!

Why not bring a piece of their musical magic into your life? Grab their tunes today and let the surf rock vibes wash over you. Trust us, no one has ever been sad while listening to the sweet sounds of a ukulele and an electric guitar doing their thing. It's like a mini vacation for your ears! 🏄🎸

Interstellar Geographies 59

Chloe Lamarche



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