Mixed Media on layered painted resin on wooden panel.


In 2018 a huge fire broke out at Morgan's studio in downtown Toronto. It was all over the news. Unfortunately he lost all of his Raining Cows paintings, art supplies and furniture in the fire.

He only took one burned painting with him before he said good bye to his studio for the last time. It was a way for him to deal with the fire and he had to take at least something with him. Morgan ended up transforming the bunt Raining Cows "I Sea Blue" painting into a Raining Cows "Unmasked" painting. It was to show that his Cows or "people" going through difficult times can overcome anything. Morgan named the new painting "Survival" and he refused to sell it and just kept it for himself.

RAINING COWS UNMASKED "United Again" was created after Morgan's studio fire. This piece was apart of his "Unmasked" Series after seeing the support from the community and everyone coming together to help Morgan exhibit one month after the fire at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

RAINING COWS UNMASKED “ United Again” was released as a bomber jacket and worn on the runway of Fashion Art Toronto in 2019. 10 bomber jackets were designed by Morgan Sheardown which he called Raining Cows "Walking Art".

This Bomber Jacket was also featured on Global News, Toronto. See picture 4.

This is the original painting used.

Raining Cows, Bomber Jacket not included.


Morgan Sheardown


Mixed media

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